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Driveway & Concrete Cleaning

Auckland Pressure Washing consistently deliver amazing results using specialised tools and chemical treatments that are safe for both pets and humans.

House Washing

Using a process called soft washing, Auckland Pressure Washing ensure that no harmful pressure is applied to your precious home. It will be well looked after and left in a state you can be proud of.

commercial building washing

Auckland Pressure Washing offers a wide range of commercial cleaning, power washing, water blasting and maintenance services throughout the year.

gutter cleaning

Auckland Pressure Washing clears your gutters, removing anything stuck inside like dirt, leaves, twigs or any other debris to allow them to flow freely.

Roof cleaning

Our team are trained to work at heights and the chemicals used are approved by all major roofing material companies so ensure there’s no issue with warranty or damage caused by the chemicals used.

Roof treatments

Regular maintenance is important to ensure the lifespan of your roof is preserved and so is the value of your home. Have a clean and healthy looking roof with Auckland Pressure Washing.

Deck cleaning

Every deck is different so our trained professionals know what to look for when it comes to giving your deck the attention is deserves. Get your deck professionally cleaned today!

Fence cleaning

A clean fence goes a long way to show how well you look after your home. Don’t let your first impression be a dirty grimy fence. Book today and have a fence that looks good as the day it was built.

about us

Auckland Pressure Washing was founded in 2022 by our lead washing tech, Matt Taylor. After working in the insurance industry for 5+ years, this 25 year old decided it was time to move on and set up a company of his own. Matt is skilled and passionate about cleaning and goes above and beyond for his clients. Starting with a small electric pressure washer doing jobs for friends and family, he quickly grew his client base and has upgraded equipment numerous times since the beginning. Auckland Pressure Washing now has industry leading equipment to ensure jobs are completed efficiently and to an exceptional standard. We don’t allow anything else! We’ve never had a bad review and have had numerous repeat customers already. We plan to grow to be Auckland’s number one exterior cleaning company for both residential and commercial clientele. Watch this space!