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Driveway & Concrete Cleaning

Using specialised tools and chemical treatments that are safe for both pets and humans, Auckland Pressure Washing kill organic growth off the surface and then apply pressure to lift the dirt and organic from the surface resulting in an extremely satisfying change in the colour of your driveway and path. You’ll be amazed at the results.


House Washing

Using a process called soft washing, we apply a tailored mix of detergents, surfactants and chemicals to kill organic growth (like moss, mould and mildew) which are then lifted off the surface. This leaves a nice clean surface without applying harmful pressure which is known to rip off paint and damage softer surfaces. We take care in what we do so your home is well looked after and left in a state you can be proud of.

Commercial building washing

Auckland Pressure Washing offers a wide range of commercial cleaning, power washing, water blasting and maintenance services throughout the year. With our keen eye for cleaning and attention to detail, we eradicate any impurities that are soiling the appearance of your business.


Gutter cleaning

Auckland Pressure Washing clears your gutters, removing anything stuck inside like dirt, leaves, twigs or any other debris to allow them to flow freely. Making sure your gutters are clean and working properly helps to prevent water damage to your walls and foundation. This is a great service to add on to an exterior house washing service.

roof cleaning

If your roof is looking a bit worse for wear and is about to be put on the market or you’re wanting it to shine in a hurry, our trained team will get up on the roof and apply chemicals and pressure to remove the growth and leave it looking like new. Our team at Auckland Pressure Washing are trained to work at heights and the chemicals used are approved by all major roofing material companies so ensure there’s no issue with warranty or damage caused by the chemicals used.


Roof treatments

Regular maintenance is important to ensure the lifespan of your roof is preserved and so is the value of your home. When moss, mildew and lichen build up on the roof they trap in moisture and can contribute to the deterioration of the surface and leave you with a damp feeling home. When this has build up for a while, a treatment can go a long way to taking care of your problems. With no chance of damaging your roof, we apply a specialist chemical treatment which continues to work over the next 3-18 months to safely kill off organics and leave your roof looking clean and healthy.

Deck cleaning

Every deck is different so the trained professionals at Auckland Pressure Washing knows what to look for when it comes to giving your deck the attention is deserves. As wood contains natural oils which give it the unique colour it was likely picked for, the last thing you would want is to apply extreme pressure and blast the oils out of the wood or rip up the surface. We tailor the process to the deck to ensure we get all that nasty build up off and leave you with nice clean deck to entertain your guests or to fire up your barbecue. Auckland Pressure Washing do the hard yards for you and you reap the rewards.


Fence cleaning

A clean fence goes a long way to show how well you look after your home. Visible from the road, a green or dirt soaked fence is always an eyesore. Our team will use a combination of specialist tools, chemical treatments and cleaning techniques to ensure your left with a fence that looks as good as the day it was built.